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• 20T Frannas • 40T Slewing Crane • 4WD Cranes for Difficult Access
• Crane Trucks • Latest technology
• Fast response time • Certified by Crane Safe
• Fully Qualified steel fabricators/erectors
• Safety compliance to Australian Standards

20T Franna

The 4WD  20T Franna has earned the reputation for delivering anything that is asked of it. It is a true general purpose crane with the ability to pick up and carry.  It has 40° articulation each side of centre providing a total 80° slewing arc. It’s compact construction allows it to access sites that are difficult.
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BUCHANAN’s New 25 Tonne  MAC25 Superlift Franna Crane

25 tonne AWD Franna crane with additional superlift counterweight, all terrain mobile pick and carry AWD crane. Superlift counterweight increases lift capacity for lifts at maximum radius by a further 30% With this machine you have the power, finesse and versatility to lift almost anything, anywhere.

Features include:

  • Full powered full section boom
  • Mercedes 205Kw turbo charged and intercooled diesel engine
  • Allison 6 speed auto transmission
  • Hydraulic winch 2 speed with full hook compensation
  • 40 degree articulation each side of centre providing a total 80 degrees of slewing arc.
  • Boom head design for maximum clearance for machinery installations.
  • Fully computerized load indicator with audio/visual overload pre-warning for ultimate safety control